Hygiene Key Pure Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse) Premium UNREFINED in Resealable Pack | 100% Natural | Naturally Gluten Free | Vegan | Vegetarian (1kg)

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  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Pure Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse) packs from Hygiene Key come in 200g, 500g, and 1kg resealable packs. These pink salts are direct from certified salt mines in Pakistan and packaged in our Certified factory to provide you with 100% guarantee that it is in its natural form.
  • MULTIUSE: This Himalayan pink salt has a variety of purposes, including cooking, salt inhalation, post-workout rehydration, usage as a bath salt for cramp-relieving salt baths, and as a natural exfoliant when combined with coconut oil or olive oil. An electrolyte balance can be achieved and digestion may be aided by pure Himalayan salt. Perfect for home and commercial kitchen use.
  • SOOTHES INSECT BITES AND TREAT SKIN CONDITIONS: Himalayan salts like ours, sourced from nature, without additives can serve as bath salts. You can address skin issues in difficult-to-reach regions by adding Himalayan pink salt to your bath. Inflammation, redness, and scaling caused by eczema and psoriasis, to mention a few, can be lessened with the use of salt. Acne can be treated with Himalayan salt baths. Leave your Himalayan bath with skin that feels petal-soft and has been soothed.
  • IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR SLEEP: This is the ideal complement to your evening ritual since a Himalayan salt bath has relaxing and soothing benefits. The tension of the day will melt away as you bathe in a warm bath in the evening, easing you into a sound slumber.
  • FRESH, FREE FROM PRESERVATIVES, OR ADDITIVES: This food-grade coarse pink Himalayan rock salt is 100% unrefined, natural, and pure. No additives or preservatives has been used on the salts. It is in its purest state straight from salt mines in Pakistan.