Fleur Foods Himalayan Pink Salt Giant Spice Grinder - 380g/13.40oz Reusable Pink Salt Grinder Fresh Himalayan Salt Contains Essential Rose Salt Minerals

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  • EASY TO STORE AND REFILL: Keep your salt fresher for longer with our large 380g Reusable Bottle Spice Grinder. This 13.40 Oz grinder is large enough to store your Himalayan salts and keep them fresh, with a grinder at the top that helps crush coarse pink slats to finer salts for your needs. Perhaps for cooking, or using the Himalayan salt as bath salts, etc.
  • DURABLE and RECYCLABLE: Our Himalayan salt grinder comes in a premium designed bottle that effectively grinds your pink Himalayan salt and also serves as a herb grinder or spice grinder. It is built with sturdy food-grade materials to allow you to break down coarse pink salts into finer particles for cooking. It makes for additional salt and pepper sets for families, couples or just individual use. The grinder is also made from recyclable material for easy disposal safe for the environment.
  • MULTIUSE: This Himalayan pink salt has a variety of purposes, including cooking, salt inhalation, post-workout rehydration, usage as a bath salt for cramp-relieving salt baths, and as a natural exfoliant when combined with coconut oil or olive oil. An electrolyte balance can be achieved and digestion may be aided by pure Himalayan salt. Perfect for home and commercial kitchen use.
  • COOKING GIFTS: Our premium Spice Grinder contains pure, raw Himalayan salt from Pakistan. The nutritious value of this salt, as well as its touted cooking and health benefits, makes it a wonderful Christmas gift, mother’s day gift, birthday gift, or valentine’s day gift for friends, family, lovers or colleagues that appreciate natural spices or are willing to try new cuisine.
  • NUTRITIOUS and REPLENISHES MINERALS: 84 trace elements, including the essential minerals potassium, iron, and magnesium, are present in pink Himalayan rock salt, which is used in cooking. One of the best methods to absorb important minerals is to soak in a bath of Himalayan salts. Your skin will be able to absorb minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and sodium after 15 minutes of bathing in a warm tub of salt-infused bathwater, nourishing your body and reawakening your senses.